Nopal Skin Reboso Chic Bag

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Description of Nopal Skin Reboso Chic Bag

We know that on a daily basis we go projecting a style with which they identify us. Our products are those details that project your unique personality and that make a difference in spaces and moments that are saved in memory and over time. that object becomes part of you and beyond everything it has an added value due to the trajectory in which it has accompanied us in life... it becomes a legacy due to its sentimental value.

When you record an object in engraved beyond the skin , that name or initials are that of someone special. This is how memories are created that speak of stories where there are special objects and people.

The Reboso Chic Nopal Skin Bag , internally lined with nopal skin from the Soy Mexicano de Piel Canela line. We have designed it with care and high standards of design and functionality to protect everything you want to carry with you.

The Reboso Chic Nopal Leather Bag has a handmade design for women who want to carry with them everything they need for the day and at the same time, look elegant.

Made 100% with the highest quality leather with the greatest dedication and dedication of our Mexican Master Leatherworkers and upon purchasing it You help preserve this tradition.

The measurements are 34x49x15

Weight 1 Kg.

Delivery time 15 business days. Contact us if you need it sooner.