A gift with my name on it!

Posted by Piel Canela México on

It's unique because it's yours

How many times have we heard, written or read our name, it is always something that makes us "react" and pay attention. The reaction is always different depending on the context in which this happens.

It is one thing to react and proceed to take an action and another is when this is combined with an emotion. How about the excitement when we hope to hear you when you are in a raffle, we hope to hear you.

Nothing like the excitement of already seeing it put in a gift and knowing that it is for you and then the expectation comes to know who has prepared it for you because you can know what it may be depending on how your relationship with this person is.

The climax is when you see your name engraved on the skin, a gift on the skin as well as being very special and elegant for what it really feels like on the skin and each one sees it and that somehow stays engraved on the skin. leather and are items that acquire a special value and therefore even become heritable.