Luxury Business Gifts: I am Mexican, My Skin is Canela presents Collection: Serenata Plata

At Piel Canela, we celebrate 25 years of excellence in leather goods with the launch of our new collection: Serenata Plata, which pays tribute to our roots and symbolizes the commitment to exalt the national DNA. Let us take you on a journey through what characterizes Piel Canela: The Art of Giving, The Luxury of Receiving.

25 Years of Elegance and Tradition

This year, we commemorate our silver anniversary, a milestone in our commitment to excellence. Mexican charrería, intangible heritage of humanity, serves as a source of inspiration for our anniversary collection. The elegance of the charro suits, adorned with silver buttons, is reflected in every detail of Serenata Plata.

Silver Serenade Cinnamon Leather

Handmade Leather Art

At Piel Canela, craftsmanship is our passion. Each Serenata Plata piece is a testament to our commitment to quality and customization. Our design and tailoring workshop works tirelessly to create masterpieces that reflect the vision and mission of our brand. Silver becomes the main focus to commemorate these 25 years of dedication.

Honoring Our Mexican Roots

"I am Mexican, my skin is cinnamon" is more than a motto; It is the essence of our brand. Throughout our 25-year history, we have raised the name of Mexico with high-quality luxury leather products, always with a commitment to sustainability. Serenata Plata combines tradition, design, quality and elegance, reflecting a Mexico full of nuances.

Anniversary Collection of the Soy Mexicano, My Skin is Cinnamon Line: Silver Serenade

Serenata Plata offers a wide range of pieces, from notebook covers to wallets, suitcases, suitcase identifiers, travel cases, passport holders , envelopes, organizing boxes and games. Each item is a unique expression of our cultural and artisanal wealth.

Innovation and Sustainability

As part of our constant evolution, we explore new horizons by working with alternative materials such as cactus skin. This not only highlights our Mexican heritage, but also promotes sustainability and environmental preservation.

Exclusive Customization

At Piel Canela, we believe in customization. Many of our business gifts can carry your company logo or message, making them a unique form of promotion. Each gift can be tailored to your particular needs (budget, institutional colors, materials, occasion, personalization with engraving of: logo, names and/or initials), because we know that your desire is to recognize someone and strengthen ties with a detail that endure.

Serenata Silver Tan Leather Organizer Boxes

The Art of Giving, The Luxury of Receiving

Each piece of Serenata Plata will seduce you with its exceptional beauty and quality. It is an opportunity to embrace your memories with joy and emotion and share them with special people in your life.

The Ideal Gift for Companies and People

At Piel Canela, you will always find the ideal gift, whether business or personal gifts . Personalize your gifts and let us help you create memorable moments. Each product engraved with a name or initials becomes unique, because it was made for someone special.

Celebrate Mexican Independence in Style

And speaking of Mexico, what better way to celebrate our independence than with business gifts that reflect our Mexicanness. Serenata Plata is an example of how our brand honors our roots and cultivates the richness of our tradition.

When you need a gift it is time to raise the name of Mexico and give products made by the hands of Mexican artisans, it is to give value to leather art . Give a little piece of Mexico that will be worn with pride and discover luxury in every detail. The Soy Mexicano, Mi Piel es Canela Collection you will find a unique proposal in each inspiration: Agave, Tzompantli, Lace, Barro Negro, Barragán, Art Decó, Billete, Puebla, Bordado and Serenata Plata is a declaration of our commitment to excellence and Mexicanness. The Art of Giving, The Luxury of Receiving.

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