Cinnamon leather artisanal processes

Piel Canela is a Mexican handmade luxury brand, high quality, creative, innovative and always responsible, enhancing the art of leather goods and raising the name of Mexico, along with those who appreciate and value fine Mexican crafts . With more than 20 years of experience, fulfilling dreams, completing projects and has been part of the lives of many people and companies, with personal gifts and business gifts , because each Piel Canela product leaves a mark on your heart.

Our brand seeks day by day to rescue the art of leather, since everything is increasingly commercial and traditions and artisanal work are being lost, like everything that is handmade; We as a Mexican brand want to create works of art in leather and other alternative and sustainable materials, always taking care of the quality of each product.

Piel Canela is an environmentally responsible brand, we use renewable resources, sustainable materials and innovative raw materials that reduce the environmental impact, in this way we try to be aware of ourselves as a brand and also to get people involved and participate in caring. of the planet, we join the change and the commitment to the care and transparency of the environment and the local support of Mexican artisans.

Everything artisanal, custom-made and handmade has to continue to be considered and endure in the techniques for creating high-quality products, adapting to the needs and requirements you desire. Piel Canela creates sophisticated, elegant, timeless and avant-garde designs that never forget good taste and functionality.

Our workshop is capable of creating any idea, project and dream in leather and other alternative materials, the artisans express and develop each design of the collections and each design that you, our client, want to make. All artisanal processes are done in our own workshop, from the selection of the best materials, the cutting of each leather or material, the making of each product, to offer you the most precious Mexican crafts with top quality.

Once the designer has captured and landed each design, it is time for that sketch to pass into the hands of the artisan workshop, where the artisans make dummies or samples with the skins or specific materials to define the idea of ​​the design in a real product, so that This passes all the quality standards and the collection can be launched or your idea in leather can be delivered to you, our client.

These dummy tests involve an exchange of technical knowledge and the artisanal excellence of our master craftsmen, in order to project the entire collection, your ideas, your desires and dreams in each Piel Canela item. Generally, in these tests, the embroidery, the types of fabric, the materials that are viable, and all the components that are part of said product are determined.

The different components of a handmade leather product are put to the test to verify that, from the chosen material, the construction of the product, the combination of colors and each seam, it is harmonious and functional for everyday life and for every occasion.

For Piel Canela, designing a collection is like a trip back in time, since, as a Mexican brand, we seek to elevate Mexico with luxury Mexican crafts , rediscovering our origins and Mexican roots, reviving ancestral and ancient techniques and traditions, so that Each piece has that artisanal creation, made by hand.

Every time we proceed to make a Piel Canela collection, we are constantly inspired by our beautiful country Mexico, its history, its nature, its architecture, its customs and traditions, and its entire culture. Each Piel Canela piece fascinates and seduces you at the same time, allowing you to embrace with joy and emotion all your memories, experiences and those special people in your life. Our products transmit your personality, your dreams, your goals, your creative ideas, your business successes, your feelings with a detail for your loved ones, your family legacy, your feelings and your tastes and desires.

Everything handmade becomes unique, it is transformed into an exquisite work of art, that is why we like to transmit a vision of memories that will transcend over time, leaving a legacy, through each fabric, cut, design and construction. of each piece.

Gifting your clients or acquaintances with a personalized Piel Canela item always ensures success. Now, in this personalization, not only the item matters, but the design, the quality of the product itself and the memories that the gift they gave you bring with it becomes important again.

All your dreams and ideas come true, because we believe in your dreams, just as you believe in them deeply. Creating your design is how to link a scenery of your ideas that you have in mind, to land on a product which will be yours alone, it will become an unforgettable work of art for us and above all for you, because that design contains immense knowledge, from your hope and dream of making your ideas come true in a product, as well as the passion, experience and dedication that each artisan puts into the creation of said piece of art, so that you can carry with you or give as a gift a unique creation.

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