Cinnamon Skin, Love and Friendship

For Piel Canela it has always been part of our essence to strengthen the bonds between people, this is seen through our slogan "The Art of Giving, the Luxury of Receiving", because it is an art to give and make other people feel the same. how important they are to us; and, on the other hand, receiving from someone who took the time and dedication to give us a personalized gift, like those from Piel Canela, leads you to strengthen the bond, to remember that relationship and that special person.

February 14 is very special for us, as one of the most commemorated dates worldwide is celebrated: Valentine's Day, also known as the Day of Love and Friendship or Valentine's Day.

This holiday is celebrated every year around the world. At Piel Canela we are proud to be part of your stories, of those unforgettable memories, we love to celebrate it with you because it is a day loved by everyone.

Although we know that relationships are nourished day by day, February 14 is a good occasion to express what we feel and send a detail to those people who we have been lucky enough to have cross our path and, for some reason, We have a bond that we consider special because of what we have lived together and exchanged.

What will you find in Piel Canela?

Each Piel Canela product is made in our workshops and we know that it will be part of a story. Our value proposition is the creation of products tailored to the needs of our clients, from a piece that can be for that special person on a date like February 14 to items for a group of people or friends who identify themselves by own the same product.

We have manufactured thousands of pieces in institutional orders, however, we know that each one is for someone who will feel special when receiving it. In this way, Piel Canela is a great option to create custom gifts and, at the same time, we raise the name of Mexico with each of our Mexican crafts , with personal gifts or unique and personalized business gifts that make a difference. .

We offer you products of the highest quality, made by Mexican hearts and hands who have spent their entire lives dedicating themselves to the beautiful art of leather goods, works of art that take several hours to make. Our artisans take care of even the smallest detail in the production of each piece, as our priority is to deliver you high quality products, unique in the market and to satisfy you 100%.

In this way we satisfy our clients and achieve our mission: preserving the art of leather goods and creating Mexican crafts that are distinguished by the design and quality of the work of each piece.

How did the Valentine's Day celebration come about?

This celebration arose in the 3rd century AD, with a Roman priest named Valentine, who challenged one of the mandatory laws made by Emperor Claudius II, which did not allow the marriage of young couples. The priest Valentine carried out the marriage of couples in secret, some time later he was discovered, he was tortured, he was martyred and executed on February 14, 270.

The priest Valentine was buried in Rome. Over his tomb, Pope Julius I built a basilica. The versions of the story of how this holiday began may vary, but the reason for the celebration is the same. The Catholic Church decreed this great day to commemorate Valentine's Day for his good actions of love and friendship.

Since then, it has been said that Valentine's Day is the saint and patron saint of lovers. On this date, gifts or gifts are given to those people who are special in your life, to that great love, to your husband, wife, your friends and even family in order to show love, affection, importance in that person who It has always been present in your life in some way. Many usually give flowers, others chocolate, others give personalized gifts or things that that special person will like and use.

At Piel Canela we create leather art, details that last in your life and transcend from generation to generation. Our products become a legacy, as they become treasures and family heirlooms; in gifts that preserve endless stories, feelings and unforgettable memories.

These gifts can originate from a personal relationship or be a work recognition of career or professional achievements. Receiving business gifts represents something meaningful to share with your family and the people around you, in this way you share your achievements and satisfaction.

At Piel Canela we seek to rescue the craft of luxury leather goods with a focus on tradition from a contemporary and avant-garde perspective. By purchasing our products you support Mexican artisans who put all their heart and passion for leather goods into each piece. Having a product made by hand by Mexican artisans who have given international fame to our leather work is a symbol of exclusivity.

We love the idea of ​​being able to accompany you on your adventures, in each story of love and friendship that represents union, commitment, a lasting and sincere friendship, but, above all, it represents that special person who will always remain in your life, with which you will experience new things and that you will be able to celebrate this Valentine's Day that is so special and celebrated by everyone.

Piel Canela offers you the perfect gifts for every moment, for every event and celebration, we have notebooks , passport holders , organizing boxes , wallets, suitcase identifiers, bags, travel cases, board games, watch boxes, picture frames, albums , briefcases, briefcases, document holders, envelopes, among many other products that you can find both in physical points of sale and in the virtual store.

Mexican handcrafts

We know that each product began its story in our workshops and will continue in the lives of people with a past where someone decides to give a present, which will be part of their future. At Piel Canela we love being part of your story.

love in the distance

Isabel, a hard-working, sociable and art-loving woman, in her work and free time painted couples walking in her notebook. He loved to draw on any paper he found the faces of people staring at each other and exchanging a conversation with their gaze. He recorded in his notebook every affection of love or friendship shown by the people he saw on a daily basis.

Her greatest dream was to find the right man, who would fight for her and demonstrate his love every second. Isabel, every day, got up early to go to her workshop where she drew and exhibited her works and she always passed by an area where there were couples dancing, eating ice cream or enjoying a walk; And she wondered, why hadn't she found the right one?

On his journey through life and his routine, one day he collided with a young man named Alejandro who was working in an Italian restaurant. She was on her way, she had just left work and was going home. It was already night, Isabel was riding her bike, she got distracted when she heard the laughter of a couple, she didn't pay attention and at the least expected moment she collided with Alejandro in the street.

Angry and distraught, she yells at Alejandro to look at it, that it was his fault she had fallen and that is why one of her most important drawings was destroyed, because it was her mother's face with her as a child. Alejandro asks her for forgiveness and when he sees the drawing that Isabel had made, he is shocked; he tells her that it is the most beautiful work he has seen in a long time. Still angry, she blushes and turns away.

He, seeing how her bicycle looked, offered her a ride home in his car, because Isabel no longer had a way to return. At such a late hour, she had no choice but to accept a ride. When she gets home, he asks her for her phone to help her repair the damage he had caused her, he looks her in the eyes, apologizes again, they say goodbye and she thanks him.

Alejandro felt sad for what he had caused with his drawing and his bicycle, because it was not only that, but he fell in love at first sight with Isabel. He went home after leaving Isabel and, at night when he lays down to go to sleep, he thinks about her and what he could do to make her forgive him and have a chance to get to know her better.

At that, he remembered that the drawing he saw came in a notebook that was about to run out and he has a notebook that he received from Piel Canela when he graduated as a chef, a business gift that the school gave to distinguished students. Knowing how special it felt to receive a personalized gift with her name engraved on it, she decided to have a special notebook made for Isabel. She wanted it to be something unique, so she contacted Piel Canela, an incredible store where they sold leather goods and created leather goods. the best details for someone special, I had doubts if they only made corporate gifts and saw that they also made custom gifts made by hand and with the best materials.

Alejandro doesn't think about it for a second and decides to buy Isabel a gift: a special personalized leather notebook for her drawings, so that she can continue capturing what at all costs was her passion. This would be a unique gift, in addition to buying her a new bicycle, he decided that he would send the broken one to be covered in leather, since he couldn't stop thinking about Isabel, and it would be a unique gift just for her: a bicycle covered in leather.

Days passed, when the order arrived, he went to Isabel's house as a surprise. When she gets home, she greets him excitedly, because she would have her bicycle again. Isabel thanks him and at that moment she notices that her old bicycle is parked next to the new one, and now it is a work of art, because it is covered in leather.

Then, Alejandro tells her that that detail was because since the incident he hasn't stopped thinking about her. In addition, he gives him the notebook so that he can continue drawing, because he tells him that his drawings speak a lot about his sensitivity.

At that moment Isabel looks into his eyes and tears come to her eyes, because she never imagined that someone would give her such a special gift. She hadn't stopped thinking about him either and invites him to come to her house. Very excited and happy he passes, the two begin to talk about life, what they like to do and what they don't, they begin to get to know each other, Isabel puts the ornamental bicycle in the living room of her house and draws the scene of the accident. that night on the first page of his Piel Canela notebook.

At that moment, Isabel tells Alejandro that it is the best gift he has ever been given in his entire life. They hug and forgive each other for the clash that night. The days go by and they continue seeing each other, Alejandro invites Isabel to eat at the restaurant where he worked and that day he tells her that it was time to return to his country, that he would be leaving in a month, since Alejandro was coming from Italy. Isabel is sad that he told her that and with tears in her eyes she hugs him and tells him that she loves him and that she will never forget him.

Upon hearing those words from Isabel, he cries and at that moment asks her to be his girlfriend, she with tears, but deep down happily says yes. Alejandro steals a kiss from her and begins to build a unique and beautiful love story. The days go by and the date on which Alejandro has to return to Italy is approaching, so they both decide to talk about it to see how they would handle their long-distance relationship.

They agreed that they will visit each other every two months, because they will miss each other a lot. The day arrived when Alejandro returned to Italy, a very sad day for both of them, as he would experience something new in their relationship.

Over time, they missed each other and they hadn't seen each other for just a week, so they decided to make video calls so it wouldn't be so difficult. Months passed, Isabel was Mexican and was going through a difficult time, because she missed Alejandro and one day when she was at home, in the living room, she looked at the gifts that Alejandro had given her and remembered how they met and how He showed her his love and the desire to continue getting to know each other with a beautiful detail that only she had.

The next day, Isabel was on her way to work and, since it was the rainy season, she had to change direction, and it just so happened that she passed by the Piel Canela store, where Alejandro sent her to make those personalized gifts. Isabel's tears came out, she stopped and got off the bike to discover that brand that changed her life in the most beautiful love story.

She went to see the store and was shocked by the beautiful things they sold, so she decided to buy two personalized leather passport holders with the letters and dates on which she and Alejandro met. He left the store, arrived at work and that same day in his notebook he captured the scene of what it would be like when I gave him his personalized passport holder. The days passed and the time came when Isabel would go to visit Alejandro.

Isabel arrived in Italy as a surprise and gave Alejandro a gift, a personalized passport holder that is now part of their love story. Seeing that surprise, he hugs her and tells her that he loves her, that she is the love of his life and that he wants to continue building memories and experiences with her. Isabel stays in Italy for a week, then Alejandro, one of those days, invites her to dinner at his own restaurant. When Isabel arrives, she sees that the place is empty, but at the same time decorated, full of rose petals.

Isabel, nervous and blushing, asks him what was happening, Alejandro tells her to close her eyes. They continue entering the restaurant and when they reach the back he asks her to open her eyes. Isabel does it and sees Alejandro kneeling and at that moment she gives him a photo album of Piel, Isabel opens the album and inside it said: do you want to be my wife? Isabel says yes, they hug, Alejandro puts the engagement ring on her and tells her that this album is to be filled with moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

Isabel observes and sees that the photo album is from Piel Canela, she is very happy and with tears in her eyes, she smiles for the best moment of her life, for being with the person she loves the most and, because once again, Piel Canela It was part of the best day of his life. The next day they return to Mexico so Isabel can pack everything to go live in Italy with her future husband. She packs everything and inside those things, of course she carries the bicycle and the notebook with which they started their beautiful relationship.

They get married, the years go by and whenever they are at home and see the details that they both gave each other from Piel Canela, they remember that time, those young people who unexpectedly collided in front of a restaurant and who fell in love at first sight. And that things were said through objects that have a unique meaning for them and that are part of their history.

Acquire the best gifts and business gifts in Piel Canela

For us, through each product made in our workshops we support the ideals with which we believe that today's Mexico should be built: character, talent and passion. For this reason, our products transmit and project a Mexico full of cultures and traditions, a country with high standards in design and art. Each product in a Mexican craft is with a luxury approach, since every detail, cut, sewing and chiselling is made by hand by master craftsmen with great tradition.

We are proud to carry the name of Mexico high, along with those who appreciate and value fine crafts.

Today, luxury is the symbol of time, quality raw materials and workmanship. This is because in the elaboration and manufacturing everything handmade is beautiful and has a unique and unmatched touch. At Piel Canela we work with this mentality to always offer you unique and totally personalized pieces on the market.

For you and for each of our exquisite and appreciated clients, we design and manufacture items with designs that enhance the great Mexican artisan tradition of leather goods that distinguishes Mexico with unique designs and quality that the big brands manage, thus elevating the tradition. of the use of leather with items that, beyond being Mexican crafts, are designer pieces that are worn on a daily basis and that are in homes or offices, raising the name of Mexico and redefining Mexican luxury in leather.

The quality that Piel Canela offers in both products and personalized service allows all clients to have unique and inclusive attention, first-class service and fully personalized products tailored to their needs, whether budget, design, quantity, institutional colors or any requirement on a personal level or for business gifts .

The passion of Piel Canela, from the selection of excellent materials to alliances with top suppliers that have been built and strengthened through more than 20 years in the market and our passion for always looking for the best and being at the forefront, is intertwine to satisfy 100% the needs of our most exquisite clients.

Piel Canela carefully searches each skin, thread and material for the creation of new and fascinating pieces of art. For us, this celebration of the day of Love and Friendship always brings wonderful and unforgettable things, it is always a good excuse to share and make people feel special, to leave a mark on the heart of those who have received that special gift, it moves us to continue working day by day.

We like that you let us be part of your demonstrations of love and affection, provide you with the best service and products to take you and accompany you on every adventure of love and friendship, we love to transmit and leave feelings captured through that special object, of Mexican crafts that are unique, beautiful and everyone loves to have in their home, in their life, in their work, and in their daily life.

At Piel Canela we build memories, adventures, laughter, friendships, through products that will be memorable for everyone, forever and ever.

Mexican handcrafts

Our gifts are more of an investment than an expense, because they stay in people's lives for years. Although a flower or a chocolate is always a good detail that can accompany one of our gifts, our Piel Canela products have the charm of being a detail that lasts that is preserved over the years and that every time you see it it reminds you of that person who recognized you as someone special in their life.

Piel Canela invites you to give a gift this February 14, Valentine's Day, a detail that will last for that person you love so much. Visit us on our website or physical points of sale so you can find the best detail for this Day of Love and Friendship. Find the best personal gifts, as well as business gifts to give and distinguish yourself. If you require advice or request personalized orders, call (55) 5533 1030 and (55) 5533 1013, send us an email to or fill out our form /contact and we will contact you.

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