The gift of being a dad

We all have our hero, many stories and adventures in which dad has always been a part of them, of your education and teachings, of moments of laughter and scolding, of fun and crazy occurrences, because dad always played with you. Of moments where you needed support, someone to tell you something, someone who would listen to you regardless of the reason and who would hug you.

That incredible dad who always gives his best version day after day, will always be your hero, so that you, his son, see him with that smile and joy at all times and so that you follow his example of moving forward, of never giving up, that you should always chase your dreams. Parents are a very important part of everyone's life, because they guide you, accompany you, take care of you, make you laugh by following your dreams and adventure, they see for your well-being and so that you never lack anything.

Celebrate dad with Piel Canela

At Piel Canela we love being part of your life, your family, your experiences and unforgettable memories with business and personal gifts , which you can make as you wish and personalize them to your taste and needs. Today we celebrate Father's Day, that invincible hero, warrior, the best friend and confidant in the world, the dad who is always there for you, teaching you to be a better person, good with values, to fight for your dreams. Your dad will always be in your life, in your crazy things and above all he will always believe in you, in everything you can achieve and will support you in every step you take.

For us, it has always been part of our essence to strengthen the bonds between people, this is seen through our slogan "The Art of Giving, The Luxury of Receiving"; because it is an art to give and make your dad feel how important he is to you and how much you love him, and on the other hand it is a luxury that as a dad you receive a Piel Canela gift from your son, since it is a detail that you will keep for many years and will always make you smile. Piel Canela gifts always lead you to strengthen the bond between father and son, to remember that relationship and that special person who is always there for you.

For us, keeping the memory of those moments you lived with your dad is a treasure. That is why we provide you with the best leather items and other alternative and sustainable materials such as nopal leather and bioleather, so that you can purchase the best personal gifts and business gifts , for any occasion and celebration, from wallets, briefcases, purses, passport holders. , notebooks , organizing boxes , back packs, suitcases, watch boxes, items for the home, for the office, for decoration, for everyday use. Give dad details that last forever, that pass from generation to generation, that transcend hearts, legacies and families.

My hero

7 years ago, on my birthday, I remember that my dad gave me a super special gift, which to this day I still use and keep, it was such a beautiful and unique gift, that special gift was a piggy bank from the Mexican brand Piel Canela .

I remember perfectly that moment, that when he gave it to me we spent an hour talking about such cool things, that hour went by so quickly, as if it had only been 5 minutes and, when dad spoke to me, they were talking about teachings, but he always made them fun.

That day he told me that it was very important to save and know how to manage your life, your time, your money, so that the day I grew up I could fulfill my dreams and goals. And in that long talk we also talked about the value of things and people and the phrase " Every person is worth the time they dedicate to you" stuck in my mind. I had always dreamed of starting my own business, and the truth is that the talks or teachings that my father gave me were incredible, because he knew that I loved boats and collected them, so my father told me that he decided to send me to do a piggy bank boat so that I could teach myself how to save, but to make it an attractive and fun habit, he decided to make that special order from the Piel Canela brand, a piggy bank in the shape of a boat personalized with the phrase that my dad always told me , it was so pretty that to this day I use it as part of my collection and as a piggy bank.

Currently, I am 24 years old and I can assure you that it is without a doubt one of my favorite gifts or relics, because it is a product that I use every day of my life and it is so precious that I put it as an ornament in my house and it becomes part of my life. boat collection.

Every time I see him I remember that moment with dad, and every time my dad comes to my house we talk about that time he gave me that gift and the laughter and those feelings come back. Dad is the best in the world, my role model and my best friend, that's why I decided to contact the Piel Canela brand to have them make a completely personalized product with my dad's initials and with a phrase that is ours, since since I was little My dad and I said that phrase to each other.

When I contacted the brand I saw that they handle a wide variety of products for business and personal gifts , such as passport holders , notebooks , organizing boxes , travel cases, briefcases, suitcase tags, watch boxes, wine bottle bags, items for office and home, board games, among many other products they sell.

Once taking into account the products, I decided to have him make a box of 8 watches, because I knew how much he loved and cared for his watches, so I knew that this would be the perfect gift for my dad, apart from the fact that it would be engraved with his initials and with our phrase « Every person is worth the time they dedicate to you» .

As soon as Piel Canela told me that the gift was ready, I went to pick it up, because the next day was Father's Day, I saw the box of 8 watches and I was shocked, I even wanted to have one made for me, well Everything was perfect and beautiful, from the colors, the textures, each handmade seam, the impeccable engraving, you could instantly notice the quality of the product and the luxury Mexican design.

Father's Day arrived, I took my dad, mom and brother to eat so that we could all celebrate my dad for being Father's Day, it was a meal full of laughter, talks and of course we ate delicious; When I got home I gave the gift I had to my dad, he opened it and hugged me, he told me that it was just what I needed, he told me that it was a unique detail, that he will never forget that moment and that phrase that was between father and son.

Piel Canela, the best handmade gifts in leather and sustainable materials

At Piel Canela we connect the work of our Mexican artisans with today's consumer, one who understands that values ​​such as tradition, quality and elegance translate into contemporary luxury. In constant training, our expert hands work with leather and alternative materials such as vegan leather, transforming them into unique pieces of art that are a showcase of Mexican talent and tradition, projecting our values ​​globally while making luxury a space of coexistence.

We have tradition as a base, luxury as a language and personalized service as a constant practice. Tell dad how much you love him with a detail that will always last in his life and heart, just as those with cinnamon skin transcend hearts, families and legacies, becoming family heirlooms.

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