Our History: Piel Canela, through time. Part IV

2010. I am Mexican, my skin is cinnamon

Launch of the line: I am Mexican, my skin is cinnamon.

The first Soy Mexicano collection is presented in a very symbolic year as it is the bicentennial and embroidery is done with gold and silver thread on the skin, surprising the interiors of the products with colors that identify us as Mexicans.

Mexican handcrafts

Each product is made with high quality materials, by the hands of Mexican artisans, who take care of every detail so that each piece is excellent in design and quality. Here you can find a wide variety of options for business gifts , as well as personal gifts, with the option to personalize them. From notebooks , passport holders , wallets, organizing boxes , among many other products that elevate Mexico every day.


A new art-object Line is presented, where we cover traditional Mexican toys in leather such as tops, ball bearings, yo-yos, airplanes and boats, which we decorate with colored ribbons. We offer luxury Mexican crafts , made with high quality and with a spectacular design to surprise and leave a mark on whoever gives it to you.

The inspiration for Tzompantli was born inspired by the wall of skulls, where to bring the texture and shine of obsidian, which is a stone used by our ancestors, we handle patent leather recalling the obsidian. In this collection you can find passport holders , notebooks , organizing boxes , card holders, wallets, among many other product options.

Participation in the New York Gift Fair and the Mexico Initiative.

2012. Mexican architecture

We create luxury Mexican crafts , seeking inspiration in Mexico in Architecture, we find the Art Deco architecture of Architect Luis Barragán as an international icon, and inspired by the color and symmetries, we use leathers in colors such as pink and yellow in the contrasting collection. with grays that simulate the shadows that give that distinction in this current of contemporary architecture, projecting a Mexico that puts magic and elegance in colors.

At Piel Canela you will always find the ideal detail to give as a gift, from business and personal gifts , you will also have the opportunity to personalize it and make it tailored to your needs.

Members of Fashion Group International

Visit our physical points of sale and online stores to see our extensive catalog and purchase any of our products. If you require advice or request personalized orders, dial (55) 5533 1030 and (55) 5533 1013, send us a message to our WhatsApp (55) 6449 4487 or an email to marialanda@pielcanela.com.mx or fill out our form https: //www.pielcanela.com.mx/pages/contacto and we will contact you.

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