María Landa, Founder of Piel Canela: The Art of Giving and the Luxury of Receiving

María Jiménez de Landa, founder and CEO at Piel Canela

In the world of leather goods, Piel Canela stands out as a Mexican company with a history of 25 years. However, Piel Canela is not just a luxury brand; It is the reflection of the vision and passion of its founder, María Jiménez de Landa. In this blog, we invite you to learn more about the woman behind the brand and how her philosophy has shaped Piel Canela.

Who is María Landa?

María Landa is a woman grateful for life and everything it has given her, especially her family. Recognize the value of freedom, joy and gratitude. Her husband and son are sources of support and joy in her life, and her friends are wonderful companions with whom she shares her personal growth.

Maria Piel Canela

María is an eternal learner and passionate about various fields, from art and flowers to quantum physics and philosophy. Practice Chi Kun, meditate and enjoy music and dance. His life is full of interests and curiosities that feed his soul.

The Beginning of Cinnamon Skin

25 years ago, María Landa founded Piel Canela with the mission of supporting Mexican artisans and preserving the art of leatherwork. Its objective was to raise the name of Mexico through handmade and custom luxury products, such as notebooks , passport holders , organizing boxes , travel cases, board games, suitcases, among other products. The brand's motto, "The Art of Giving and the Luxury of Receiving," reflects María's philosophy: when life gives you the opportunity to give something, when you do it it becomes a back-and-forth with gratitude where everyone receives. and the best in each one comes out.

Mary's Day by Day

Every day in Maria's life is unique and full of opportunities. You plan your week and focus on learning new lessons. Meditation and XhiNengQiGong practice are part of your morning routine. During her moments of personal grooming and transfers, she takes the opportunity to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and talks by people she admires, which motivates her to learn and grow on various topics.

María also values ​​the importance of human relationships. Your family, friends, and mentors play a vital role in your life and growth. In addition, he has received recognition for his work and has collaborated in various initiatives and foundations, which has expanded his support network.

The Importance of Values ​​in Piel Canela

At Piel Canela, respect is fundamental, both inside and out. Valuing each individual and understanding their personal circumstances is essential for Maria and her team. Integrity, responsibility, teamwork and continuous improvement are values ​​that guide their path.

The Conservation of Leather Art

The conservation of leather art means balancing the preservation of a craft with the projection of the best of Mexico. Piel Canela connects artisans with consumers who value tradition, quality and elegance. Through technology, they manage to bring these products to the market and create a virtuous circle of social responsibility.

Tradition, Quality and Elegance in Cinnamon Skin

At Piel Canela, art is an essential part of its philosophy. They collaborate with artists to create Mexican crafts , unique pieces that connect beyond a simple economic transaction. Leathercraft tradition is mixed with creativity and design to offer high-quality products tailored to each client, for business or personal gifts .

Cinnamon Skin Infinity Collection

Each item is handmade by Mexican artisans, which adds a special touch and also the personalization with name and/or initials makes each piece unique, which is why we know they have been treasured for 25 years.

Cinnamon Skin: Creating Memories and Experiences

Piel Canela is not just a leather goods store; It is a space where traditions and culture come together to create unique and innovative designs. We offer a personalized experience that goes beyond the products. Every purchase is an opportunity to create special memories and connections that last.

At Piel Canela, The Art of Giving and The Luxury of Receiving are more than words; They are the heart of the brand and the vision of María Jiménez de Landa. Each item carries with it a part of this philosophy, making each gift a unique expression of love and gratitude between people who value and recognize each other. Join Piel Canela on its celebration journey and discover luxury in every detail.

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