The best moments are always with your loved ones

The best moments in life are always lived with our loved ones. At Piel Canela, we have dedicated 25 years to building new stories and adventures, both in families and in companies. Our goal is, through unique handcrafted pieces, to create and strengthen a legacy that will be remembered generation after generation. We are proud to offer you the best options in business and personal gifts with the option of giving sustainable gifts at the same time.

Imagine the best vacation of your life with that Piel Canela item, which always accompanies you. We love being part of your vacation experiences and being a fundamental element in each of your trips: family moments, days of relaxation and the excitement of living new experiences. During the holidays, we suspend our work, school or university activities, and we even break with the daily routine that we have throughout the year. Knowing that the holidays are approaching and that you will be able to spend quality time with your loved ones becomes something unique and special. It's the perfect time to travel, explore new destinations or visit your loved ones. We want these vacation moments to be unforgettable and never end. At Piel Canela, we love to transmit feelings, memories and experiences through our products, turning them into objects that will accompany you on every adventure and every day.

Among our most recommended products for your trips are passport holders , one of the best business gifts and sustainable gifts , ideal for giving as gifts. In addition to protecting your passport at all times, you can carry an item of luxury and unique style on each of your trips, whether for work, vacation or study.

Tan Leather Passport Holder

When we travel, we like to save the best memories to capture them in our memory. That is why carrying one of our leather notebooks and sustainable materials such as recovered leather and cactus skin is a way to take something from Mexico with you and an excellent option to organize yourself. You will be able to write down all your experiences, day after day, capturing every feeling that a certain trip or experience has caused you. You will also be able to remember the people with whom you shared those special moments. This notebook will become something very special for you, since each page will have a fragment of your life, transforming into memorable memories that will last forever.

We are a Mexican artisan luxury brand, high quality, creative, innovative and always responsible, enhancing the art of leather goods and raising the name of Mexico, along with those who appreciate and value fine crafts. We as a Mexican brand want to create works of art in leather and other alternative and sustainable materials, always taking care of the quality of each product. At Piel Canela we are responsible for the environment, using renewable resources, sustainable materials and innovative raw materials that reduce the environmental impact, in this way we are conscious as a brand and also of helping people who care about taking care of the planet, we are We add to the change and commitment to the care and transparency of the environment and the local support of Mexican artisans.

Piel Canela has created authentic pieces, Mexican crafts for you, sustainable gifts , subtly combining the identity and essence of the Piel Canela atelier with the tradition of Mexican artisan work, each item has exceptional notoriety, which contributes to the experience and personalized service that We offer you, our most exquisite client. We create each design thinking about you, your needs, your dreams, your ideals as a person and business, personalizing everything to your liking, so that the gifts you give always stand out, whether they are business gifts for your company or for the company. from someone else, or also to make a personal gift for a special person. Each item is a work of art which projects elegance, sophistication, inclusion, avant-garde and at the same time, is a timeless, contemporary and innovative piece.

Welcoming you, to design together with us, to inspire you and to translate your dreams and projects into a product created in the Piel Canela workshops is what motivates us to continue improving, so that you always get a quality product with a Singular and unique design so that you can carry it in your daily life, and become part of your life and every adventure.

Each Piel Canela point of sale is a vibrant place of experiences, memories, people and experiences, designed and thought especially for you, achieving that bond and connection with you, to be able to provide you with the best service and offer you the best product according to your needs. . Here you can find a wide variety of leather products and other materials such as passport holders , notebooks , organizing boxes , portfolios, envelopes, back packs, jewelry boxes, travel cases, document holders, board games, suitcases, suitcase identifiers, among many other products.

Brownish skin

At Piel Canela we know that the most important thing is you, that is why we take care of absolutely everything, both our suppliers and our clients, and we strive to provide the best personalized service experience every time we have the opportunity to create a new product, whether Whether for a person or a brand that needs to convey how important someone is to them. We take care of the quality of our materials, we also give the option of creating something custom that we can personalize with logos and make each piece unique and special for someone by engraving either the names or initials of people who are recognized with a leather gift. Cinnamon.

Through each product made in our own workshops we support the ideals with which we believe that today's Mexico should be built: Character, talent and passion. For this reason, our products transmit and project a Mexico full of cultures and traditions, a country with high standards in design and art, each piece is a Mexican craft, with a luxury approach in every detail, every cut and seam, every chiseled It is handmade by master craftsmen with great tradition.

The best gifts in leather and sustainable materials

At Piel Canela we love being part of your most beautiful and special moments, reminding you of experiences, trips, people with whom you lived wonderful moments, that is why each gift, each Piel Canela product reflects those feelings, those experiences that you went through one day and now they are memorable memories. Here you can find the best products and gifts for every occasion, for travel, for business leather gifts, special products, tailored and for everyday use, it is always a good excuse to share and make someone else feel special, leave mark on the hearts of the people for whom they have received that special gift. We like to be part of your adventures, your trips, to transmit love and appreciation to that special person through our Piel Canela items, providing you with the best service and the best products to take you and accompany you on every adventure, we love to transmit and leave feelings captured through that special object, Mexican crafts , sustainable gifts that are unique and everyone loves to have in their life, in their home, in their work, and in their daily lives. At Piel Canela we build memories, legacies, through products which will be memorable for everyone, forever and ever.

Visit our physical points of sale and online store to see our extensive catalog and purchase any of our products. If you require advice or request personalized orders, dial (55) 5533 1030 and (55) 5533 1013, send us a message to our WhatsApp (55) 6449 4487 or an email or fill out our form https: // and we will contact you.

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