What does it mean to be Mexican?

To be Mexican is to feel proud to be part of a culture so rich in traditions, stories, experiences and knowledge.

From traditional music and dance, to the crafts and typical food of its different places, Mexico has art in each of its corners. This is why Piel Canela is a Mexican brand; and like its culture, it is full of art, history and tradition.

The collection I am Mexican , born from the need to relate what is "well done" with what is made in Mexico, and the products created go hand in hand with the heart, as does the spirit of all Mexicans and the love for their roots.

The line Tzompantli pays tribute to all the history that we Mexicans have behind us. Each of its products is related to the techniques, shapes and colors that express the customs that surround us and the traditions that we celebrate, commemorating these dates, remembering who we are and where we come from.

 brownish skin

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