The gift of being a child

At Piel Canela we love to make you smile, and your child's soul, with our KIDS collection, we like that in your daily life you always carry a Piel Canela product which gives you style, functionality and above all fun and your good taste .

For us, Children's Day is very special, because we not only celebrate our little children, but also that child that you carry inside, the soul and charisma of a child that is always carried inside your heart, that is why we want to congratulate you, wish you a happy and fun children's day, may you always remember that fun and happy child so that the day you grow up you continue to be like that, with that unique and always happy spark that we all love, because always seeing you smile heals our souls, It excites us and gives us very beautiful moments.

business gifts

Piel Canela is an independent, high-quality, creative, innovative and always responsible Mexican artisanal luxury brand, creating the art of leather goods. It has more than 20 years of raising the name of Mexico, along with those who appreciate and value crafts . Mexican .

We seek day by day to rescue the art of leather goods, we as a Mexican brand want to create works of art in leather and other alternative and sustainable materials, always taking care of the quality of each product. Piel Canela is an environmentally responsible brand, we use renewable resources, sustainable materials and innovative raw materials that reduce the environmental impact, in this way we try to help and raise awareness as a brand and also get people to support taking care of the planet. , we join the change and commitment to the care and transparency of the environment and the local support of Mexican artisans.

At Piel Canela we know that the most important thing is you, that is why we take care of both our suppliers and our clients and we strive to provide the best personalized service experience every time we have the opportunity to create a new product, whether for a person or for a brand that need to communicate how important someone is to them.

That is why we take care of the quality of our materials, we also give the option of creating something custom that we can personalize with logos and make each piece unique and special for someone by engraving either names or initials of people who are recognized with a gift of Brownish skin. We have our own workshop in which the production of each product is carried out, here all the magic happens to create extraordinary and precious leather items, to offer products for business gifts or to make a personal gift.

At Piel Canela you can find the best products for you, so that you can take them with you wherever you go and join all your new adventures and craziness, since with each piece of Piel Canela you will not only look stylish, but that This product will work very well in your life, and in the long run it will bring back very beautiful memories of when you were that little child, who loved to make others laugh.

Here we will provide you with business and personal gifts , luxury products of the highest quality, with incredible designs and made for every occasion, from notebooks , passport holders , organizing boxes , backpacks, purses, travel cases, bags, document holders, envelopes , board games among many other products that you can take with you.

My childhood with Cinnamon Skin

A few years ago, when I was little and went to school, I remember that desire and joy to get out of bed to go to my school to study and above all to see my friends, they were such fun and unique moments.

How I remember that children's day, when the school gave us an incredible party, they brought games, sweets, piñatas, they let you go dressed in your favorite clothes, with something that was not a school uniform, it was so exciting every time the celebration arrived Children's Day, because it was a full day in which I was going to be with all my friends, I was going to laugh a lot, play, win prizes, eat delicious things, but above all, share that magical day with everyone. what I wanted most; my friends, my teachers, my parents and my brothers.

Since even my parents, every time it was Children's Day, when we left school, from that incredible party, they would take us to eat at our favorite restaurant, and of course there were always games to enjoy with my brothers, after going to eat. They took us to a square to eat ice cream.

All day I was partying with my friends and on the street walking with my family. Everything was so fun, so beautiful, they were moments full of craziness, laughter, telling jokes and adventures, shouting because we were playing hide and seek, eating sweets and pizza in the classroom.

I remember that the last year of my primary school, the school gave us a wonderful gift, which to this day I still keep, so that one day I can give it to my children, to transmit to them that emotion of playing, that beautiful experience of being children. .

That gift that the school gave us was a Cinnamon Skin backpack, super pretty and at the same time very creative, and they also gave us a notebook of the same brand, so that we could draw all our dreams and adventures, so that when we grew up, we would see those drawings and we remember our childhood.

To this day I can tell you that I still keep those gifts in perfect condition, since as they are made of leather and from a brand that has always highlighted its quality and design in each product, both gifts look intact, the duration is so incredible. and the quality of the backpack and notebook, which I know my children will love to have. Currently I continue visiting and shopping at Piel Canela, since I know that there you will always find the perfect gifts for every occasion, from personal gifts to business gifts .

Honestly and from the bottom of my heart I can tell you that every time I see my backpack and my notebook that the school gave me on my last day as a child in primary school, I can assure you that I live again and feel the same as when I was little. , because all my memories as a child come back to life in a beautiful way, so much so that now that I am of age and a businesswoman, every time I see those gifts I begin to feel that inner child, that fun, happy girl, full of crazy things and passionate for fulfilling every dream she drew in her notebook when she was little.

We turn your dreams into reality, translating each idea, desire and illusion into a product made of leather and other alternative materials. We adapt to your budget and your needs, we create exclusive designs, made to measure and totally personalized, unique to you.

Piel Canela reinvents the luxury approach, in a product that lasts, that is innovative and at the same time timeless, providing you with comfort, functionality and avant-garde. We are one of the most recognized and desirable Mexican brands in Mexico, since each piece you purchase is made by the hands of Mexican artisans, with high quality materials and its preparation is meticulous, we take care of every detail, so that you get an item in perfect condition. conditions and that you enjoy it for a long time.

We project luxury into a piece of art that you can customize to your liking to make it unique and special for you. All of our Piel Canela products represent the highest level of artisanal manufacturing techniques, due to their handmade production, the quality of the materials, the attention and care to the details are extraordinary, in order to provide you with the best Mexican crafts , in a product with a spectacular design.

Visit our physical points of sale and online stores to see our extensive catalog and purchase any of our products. If you require advice or request personalized orders, dial (55) 5533 1030 and (55) 5533 1013, send us a message to our WhatsApp (55) 6449 4487 or an email to marialanda@pielcanela. or fill out our form and we will contact you.

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