Giving is an art. From the moment the idea appears in our minds, it becomes a skill and a long process to be able to appropriately choose the perfect gift; The color, the material, the object and the message are carefully thought out to reach directly the heart and mind of the other person.

Receiving is a luxury. The moment a detail is received, a unique and special feeling is transmitted, which generates a feeling of love and gratitude towards the other person. The luxury of this is not only based on receiving a product, but on receiving a little piece of the other person and what they have inside.

Piel Canela has a history of more than 20 years creating special memories and memories, with products that we know are still present in the lives of those who value them. Get to know the Piel Canela world, where we have luxury line products and we have several collections for different tastes and occasions.

At CANELA CORP we create products tailored to individual needs, whether personal or business, and at CANELA CARE we care about the environment, giving a new life to your leather products from any brand, evolving to create items in sustainable materials, such as recovered leather and cactus skin.

One of the qualities that makes our products unique is their personalization, making them a very special treasure for those who receive it, always remembering those who give it as a gift. That is why giving is an art and receiving is a luxury.

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