Day of the Dead: Tzompantli by Piel Canela. Mexican traditions that are carried on the skin.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with Piel Canela Mexican crafts : a fusion of tradition and style in honor of our roots. Discover our incredible pieces with artisanal Mexican design that we have for you.

"Remember your loved ones with Cinnamon Skin: Eternal details that last over time."

At Piel Canela, we understand the importance of honoring our traditions. That is why we provide you with custom-made and personalized Mexican crafts especially for you and the people you love, allowing you to remember our roots in a meaningful and lasting way.


In the Soy Mexicano, Mi Piel es Canela Collection, one of the favorite inspirations is Tzompantli, which represents the wall of skulls that has been, since its origin, a stone on which we have built an entire imaginary that makes us reconcile with life through the celebration of death. We are Mexicans and we see it differently: That is Tzompantli.

Our products carefully crafted from high-quality materials are more than just objects, they are tangible memories of shared moments and shared love. Whether it's a beautiful jewelry box, passport holder , one of our notebooks or organizing boxes , among other products, engraved with a special name. Every detail of Piel Canela is designed to last and become a constant reminder of those we love.

At Piel Canela, we believe in the importance of keeping our country's culture alive. Let us help you continue honoring our traditions that are carried on our skin.

At Piel Canela we are proud to work with Mexican artisans, who express their talent and dedication in each creation. We value traditional art and seek to preserve authentic techniques, ensuring the quality and authenticity of our products.

Tzompantli Cinnamon Skin

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with a touch of elegance and style, taking with you a piece of rich Mexican culture.

Join us in this special celebration and carry the spirit of the Day of the Dead with you with a Tzompantli Inspiration piece from the Soy Mexicano, Mi Piel es Canela Collection!

We are a 100% Mexican brand with 25 years of experience in luxury Mexican crafts , providing leather products and other alternative and sustainable materials so that you can take unique pieces and be part of your life, your daily life.

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