Continuation Our Story: Piel Canela, through time

2004. Piel Canela in media

For us it has always been very important to communicate the essence, values ​​and designs in each product, that is why we decided to send press releases, to communicate to our clients, corporations and all people who we are, what we offer, our wide variety of designs, Mexican crafts and the news that we are a handmade luxury brand that gives you the opportunity to personalize any product and make it tailored to your needs, to make personal or business gifts.

We had great success with our first press release, our first publications in prestigious media and, this year, it was the first interview in our own Piel Canela workshop.

2005. Product families

Our product families: boxes and organization, travel and portables, fashion and accessories, stationery and office, home, games and hobbies, innovation, gourmet and wines, and object art, continue to grow with new designs for women, men, children, corporate and home. We have a wide variety of items, such as passport holders , notebooks , organizing boxes , document holders, portfolios, pocket empties, backpacks, travel cases, desk sets, bags, among many other crafts that are excellent business or personal gifts for someone special.

2006. First recognition as a Mexican brand

Raise awareness of the added value that we can give to lifestyles such as Gourmet and Wine by creating Mexican crafts , products that remain remembering moments that pass as experiences and leaving objects that are valued for the memories they keep. These become the best option for business gifts .

We created a wine bag that becomes an extraordinary gift, since wine lovers like to bring their own bottles, whether to an event or when traveling, and the 6-bottle wine bag has been a product that since then it has become a great gift.

Although the experience of drinking a good wine is unforgettable, there is nothing like an object that you use and accompanies you, making each of these moments special, by caring for and transporting each bottle, until the moment you toast with them.

Haute couture and artisanal manufacturing have to be kept alive, adjusting to the needs of each client, depending on their lifestyle and the uses they want to give to each product; whether for something corporate, for home, for school, for everyday life, for travel or simply something you need in your life. Piel Canela designs elegant, sophisticated, timeless and avant-garde pieces for women, men, children and corporates.

Our Mexican artisans interpret the desires and ideas you have, understanding your values, desires and the projection you want in your product. All the manufacturing of handmade artisan products is carried out in our own workshop.

The performance and process that the entire Piel Canela team puts into place, from the creator of the brand, the designer, the artisans and the entire team in charge, ensure that each piece reaches your hands as you always dreamed of.

Once the artisans receive the designs of each piece, they make the prototypes or samples of the designs that will be launched in the collections. Each sample or test involves an exchange between technical knowledge and the excellence of our artisans, who capture each design and idea that comes from the creation of collections.

The Tasting of the Senses

We present the concept of "The Tasting of the Senses" where a sommelier conducts the tasting and Piel Canela presents, raises awareness and leads to appreciation and enjoyment of the sense of touch.


The products began to arrive abroad. Piel Canela continues to reach your hands through our products, this is how we manage to project artisanal luxury and transmit unforgettable memories and experiences.

Everything you do today will be printed to be always remembered, that is why Piel Canela invites you to give a detail that lasts, that transcends hearts, people and time, becoming a legacy.

Piel Canela fills your life with good moments. We offer you luxury Mexican crafts , products of the highest quality, all handmade by Mexican artisans who every day take care of every detail in the manufacturing process, so that you always carry in your hands a luxury product that is distinguished by its high quality, design, elegance and for all the experiences and memories it will bring with it. It will be a super functional product for your life.

Visit our physical points of sale and online store to see our extensive catalog and purchase any of our products. If you require advice or request personalized orders, dial (55) 5533 1030 and (55) 5533 1013, send us a message to our WhatsApp (55) 3713 8794 , an email to or fill out our form https: // and we will contact you.

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