Christmas is almost here and everything is filled with light and color, the excitement of sharing this date with the family and singing Christmas carols is something to look forward to. It is the perfect time to show affection to those special people in our lives through The Art of Giving, which is finding the perfect gift that makes them smile, and The Luxury of Receiving, which is both for the person who receives the gift and for the person who gives it. Give and receive a smile in return.

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This Christmas fill your home with laughter, unforgettable moments and new stories to always remember. We all have thousands of stories in which the family has always been part of them, of the holidays or celebrations where we all get together to spend a day as special as Christmas together. At this time of year, sharing traditions as a family and communicating the importance of being supportive, of giving and receiving love, of opening your heart and mind to be happy, to be able to enjoy the things that life gives us, become the best moments of your life for you and your loved ones, as they are dates in which it is customary to live together as a family, to fill the home with a lot of color, light, joy and a lot of love. The spirit of Christmas is a time to reflect, to be grateful, to find your inner happiness, to tell anecdotes as a family and laugh together, to give and receive love, laughter, gifts that will always transmit The Art of Giving and The Luxury of Receiving .

At Piel Canela we have that Christmas spirit, and we want it to reach your home, your company, your family and friends, through our details that always transmit unique emotions, because with our products you will transcend hearts and become relics which will pass from generation to generation.

This Christmas give Piel Canela, give Mexican crafts from business gifts for all those who are part of your company, to personal gifts for family, friends and loved ones. Remember that our pieces can be tailored to your needs and you can personalize them with your logo, name and/or initials so that your gift becomes unique and very meaningful for that special person.

Christmas always fills your life with color, because one of the family Christmas customs is putting up the Christmas tree, the birth of the baby Jesus and decorating the house together as a family. This is one of the most special moments when the big date approaches, because the whole family gathers at home, some bring some dinner, bottles of wine, they play Christmas music to set the mood for the occasion, to decorate the Christmas tree with emotion and laughter, in this way a very colorful decoration results and a very positive, happy and fun energy in the people who are part of the custom of decorating the house where Christmas will be celebrated.

On this date it is usually cold and it is a great opportunity to go visit our grandparents, parents, siblings, close friends, the whole family. To spend quality time with them, to cuddle them, give them love and of course also for you to receive love, peace and joy. It is the perfect time to enjoy the people you love most, making plans together, such as telling stories, anecdotes and Christmas stories so that the little ones in the family can live this time with more magic and so that those who are no longer little ones can relive those anecdotes. from when they were children and once again feel that emotion that Christmas is approaching, that feeling of opening gifts, of playing and laughing as a family. Christmas Eve dinner is everyone's favorite part of Christmas, because the most anticipated dinner arrives, where everyone gets ready to look very good, they show off with their exquisite meals to share with the rest of the guests, they prepare with games fun and creative, they sing Christmas songs at the top of their lungs that set the mood for the home, it's time to give gifts, dedications and of course hugs.

At Piel Canela we are proud to be part of your life, your family, your experiences and unforgettable memories with personal gifts and business gifts which you can personalize to your taste and needs. Today we celebrate Christmas, this time of year so loved and awaited by all, because as we well know, we are all excited to spend such a beautiful celebration with our family and loved ones.

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For Piel Canela, keeping Christmas memories is a treasure. That is why we provide you with the best leather items and other alternative and sustainable materials, so that you can purchase the best personal gifts and business gifts , for this special occasion and celebration for you, from bags, back packs, wallets, notebooks , passport holders. , organizing boxes , portfolios, suitcases, jewelry boxes, board games, toys, albums, household items, for the office, for decoration, for everyday use. This Christmas give gifts that last forever, that pass from generation to generation, that transcend hearts, legacies and families.

It has always been part of our essence to strengthen the bonds between people, this is seen through our slogan “The Art of Giving, The Luxury of Receiving” because it is an art to give and make the other person feel how important it is. It is for us, and on the other hand, receiving from someone who we know took the time and dedication to give us a personalized gift, like those from Piel Canela that always lead you to strengthen the bond, to remember that relationship and that special person. that is always there for you.

Unforgettable Christmas

Two years ago I had the best Christmas of my life, I remember that Christmas was approaching, it was such an immense emotion inside me, because for me Christmas is color, peace, fun, lights everywhere, streets full of Christmas carols, decorations Christmas, it's time to eat candy, punch, fritters, turkey, make posadas and break piñatas. I remember that that Christmas we went to visit my grandparents, because there we would spend Christmas Eve and Christmas, at that time my grandfather was in a little serious health, so we decided to bring joy to their house, the whole family went to spend that very special date. especially, my grandfather's children and all the grandchildren. Me and my family arrived two days before Christmas Eve, to be with the grandparents and spend quality time with them, we took them for walks and we cooked for them those days, we watched movies with them, while we had hot chocolate and bread. Christmas Eve arrives, we all get ready for the big dinner, and I remember that I helped my grandparents get ready, and while I was with them helping them, my grandfather took out a leather trunk with several photo albums, he told me that I saw them while they finished getting ready, I opened them and when I saw all the memories in photos I felt so many things, feelings at the same time, and at the same time a great love for my family and for my grandparents who were always present since I was little Right now I am 30 years old and I know that I am one of the granddaughters closest to them, because I love them and they have been essential in my life, in my learning, in my growth and in my crazy things. Those photos made me relive so many beautiful memories in a single night and I am totally grateful to my grandfather, because when he saw the photos, my grandfather noticed my reaction, he sat next to me, took my hand and told me “ You will always be my little girl, I wanted you to see these photos so that you never forget your dreams, your family, the great person you are, and that you have us all no matter what happens”, I have had those words so present since then in my heart every day. The time came to leave the room to go to dinner with the whole family. I was so happy to enjoy the dinner, the games, the stories, my family, the dancing and the Christmas carols. The night is ending, we are all going to sleep, because there are little ones in the house who had to go to sleep early so that they could leave their little letter for Baby Jesus and for Santa, so that their gifts can arrive. The next day is Christmas, all the little grandchildren and nephews running around the house to go down to see the gifts they had received. I accompanied them to see them, since I am a little older and I no longer receive the gifts from the letter. But that day I got a beautiful surprise, when I returned to the room where I was staying I saw a letter on my bed, along with a trunk, I read it and it was from my grandparents, the letter said "We are giving you this special gift, because we know that You are the right person to have them, and above all to relive every anecdote and memory that is in the photos in the albums, we hope that you love this gift and that it becomes a relic for you, and that it will be passed on to your children in the future, that May you continue to fill them with unforgettable moments, with lots of love, your grandparents.” At that moment I ran to hug my grandparents, believe me it was and continues to be one of the best gifts they have given me to this day, the leather albums are still like new, and it was to be expected since they were from the Mexican brand Piel Canela, who as always make incredible gifts, with excellent quality, design and unique customization.

The truth is that Christmas does bring impressive magic to my life, and I would dare to say that December is my favorite month because of the celebration and everything that this time of year entails. I will never forget that Christmas, they gave me one of the most beautiful and meaningful surprises and gifts they have given me in my entire life.

We invite you to be part of Piel Canela, to transcend with gifts that last and will pass from generation to generation.

That's why at Piel Canela we are excited about our slogan:

“The Art of Giving, The Luxury of Receiving.”

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