Gifts from Mexico to the world

Posted by Piel Canela México on

The collection I am Mexican, my skin is canela, was born with the idea of ​​creating articles that represent Mexico.

Piel Canela opens boutiques in different parts of Mexico and when contacting its customers and users upon receiving them and asking if they already knew the brand, we are surprised that they did not think it was a Mexican brand and with products made in Mexico precisely because the products are from excellent quality and design. Although at first it was something that caused us outrage that they did not relate that a product that beyond an excellent design could be a piece that could be considered Italian, Argentine or Spanish due to the excellent execution in the design.

It was from here that the idea of ​​creating this collection I am Mexican was born, my skin is cinnamon, which is very distinctive of the brand since we gave ourselves the task of projecting what Mexico is through the skin since it is a material very noble and that allows us to create as far as our creativity puts each challenge, Thus, we have been inspired by the vast, rich and wonderful culture and history of Mexico.

One of the first inspirations was in the culture of Mexico and in how we coexist with death as part of life and thus we gave life to the Tzompantli collection, inspired by the skulls with which a spectacular wall was created.

So Piel Canela, constantly in its evolution.