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Piel Canela is a 100% Mexican brand with 25 years of experience in luxury Mexican crafts , providing leather products and other alternative and sustainable materials so that you can take unique pieces and be part of your life, your daily life.

For years we have created corporate products tailored to hundreds of satisfied companies and institutions.

Our challenge is to adapt to your needs (budget, colors, options in leathers and alternative and sustainable materials, occasion, users, etc.), with top-level service and quality.

Protocol gifts that are more of an investment than an expense.

We can personalize them with logos, names or initials, becoming the perfect gift that they always thank you for how special it makes you feel and for the same reason it is preserved, creating branding for years.

At Canela Corp we specialize in giving our clients the best personalized gifts in leather and other materials, with top-level service and quality so that you can give items that speak of your good taste and are made to measure.

Come to Piel Canela and ask about our Canela Corp service, try us and live the great experience of creating unique designs so that your corporate gifts reflect your identity.

Guaranteed quality

All our items are made in our workshops by Mexican hands, taking care of the process and every detail, which is why we guarantee the total satisfaction of our customers.

We seek to rescue the leather craft in an artisanal and handmade manner, connecting the work of our artisans with today's consumer, one who understands that values ​​such as tradition, quality and elegance translate into contemporary luxury. In constant evolution and training, our expert hands work with skins and alternative materials such as cactus skin, transforming them into unique pieces of art that are a showcase of Mexican talent and tradition, projecting our values ​​globally while making luxury a space of coexistence.

Excellence in Business and Personal Gifts

Piel Canela has always cared about you, its most exquisite client, that over time you have become part of the Piel Canela family, you help us transcend legacies, stories, so that each piece passes from generation to generation until it becomes a treasure or family heirloom. We provide you with leather products and other alternative materials so that you can give the best detail, whether for a personal gift or for business gifts . We guarantee excellent quality and unique customization, so that your gift is always present in the person to whom you gave it or when you received a high-luxury business gift engraved with your name.

For this reason, we want to provide you with the best luxury Mexican crafts , we want you to dream of that unique piece so that we can fulfill your wish of creating that custom-made gift within your budget, in order to personalize it to your liking. To make it a unique product for you or for the person to whom you are going to give it, we want your design and personalization to adapt to your needs at all times, so that you find total satisfaction in that item, both when purchasing, as well as experiences when using that unique piece.

Each of our items is handmade by Mexican artisans, with all the detail and care in the world, to create unique products with the best quality and design, so that each one carries a special message and reaches the right person, because finally We are what we leave in people's hearts.

Piel Canela gives you the opportunity to create something unique to be part of the story of your life and the lives of others.

We make your ideas, your projects and desires come true, to make you and the people who have marked your life feel special, with an article that will mark theirs.

CUSTOMIZED, PERSONALIZED products & services that satisfy the consumer experience

Piel Canela is much more than a leather goods and gift store; We create memorable memories and experiences for a lifetime, we are a space of inspiration in which traditions, commerce, colors, culture, architecture and art are linked to achieve unique, innovative and timeless designs. We are a brand that beyond the articles, we offer you a personalized experience just by crossing the door of the Piel Canela boutique or by contacting our advisors who are always willing to listen to you and guide you until you find the perfect item for each occasion. At Piel Canela you can find a wide variety of leather items, and other alternative and sustainable materials, from notebooks , passport holders , organizing boxes , travel cases, bags, wallets, suitcases, travel organizers, suitcase tags, watch boxes and jewelry boxes, fans, among many other products.

Visit our physical points of sale and online store to see our extensive catalog and purchase any of our products. If you require advice or request custom and personalized orders, dial (55) 5533 1030 and (55) 5533 1013, send us a message to our WhatsApp (55) 6449 4487 or an email or fill out our form and we will contact you.

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