Warmth in the Piel Canela service

For more than 20 years, Piel Canela has been an independent, high-quality, creative, innovative and always responsible Mexican artisanal luxury brand, enhancing the art of leather goods and raising the name of Mexico, along with those who appreciate and value fine crafts.

We are a brand that seeks day by day to preserve the art of leather, since everything is increasingly more commercial and traditions and artisanal work are being lost, like everything that is handmade. We as a Mexican brand want to create works of art in leather and other alternative and sustainable materials, always taking care of the quality of each product.

Environmental responsibility

Piel Canela is an environmentally responsible brand, we use renewable resources, sustainable materials and innovative raw materials that reduce the environmental impact, in this way we try to be aware as a brand and ensure that we support together to take care of the planet, we join the change and the commitment to the care and transparency of the environment and the local support of Mexican artisans.

At Piel Canela we know that the most important thing is people, that is why we take great care of our suppliers, clients and all team members. We strive to provide the best personalized service experience every time we have the opportunity to create a new product, whether for a person or a brand that needs to communicate how important someone is to them.

That is why we take care of the quality of our materials, we also give the option of creating something custom that we can personalize with logos and make each piece unique and special for someone by engraving either names or initials of people who are recognized with a gift of Brownish skin.

Mexican crafts of the highest quality

We have our own workshop in which production takes place, here all the magic happens to create extraordinary and precious leather items. At Piel Canela we have a wide variety of products: notebooks , passport holders , organizing boxes , watch boxes, jewelry boxes, purses, wallets, envelopes, briefcases, backpacks, belts, card holders, ornaments, piggy banks, briefcases, handbags, suitcase identifiers, keychains, document holders, board games such as dominoes, casino, backgammon, cat, among many others.

Our artisans work with the highest quality, taking care of every detail of sewing, making, cutting, modeling, they put a lot of dedication and care into the making of each piece to provide you with the highest quality so that you feel totally confident in getting excellent pieces of leather or any material with which the product is made.


At Piel Canela each order is the beginning of a new story, every time a client contacts us it is a new beginning, because it is an opportunity to create different and new experiences for the people who will receive each of the Piel Canela products. , which brings new opportunities.

For this reason, one of our favorite products are notebooks , since there you can write and capture your ideas, your daily life, your activities, your life, because it is the unique and personal book of life, it is such a valuable item for each one, because they take with them feelings, emotions, new contacts, experiences, goals, among other things.

Personalized items

At Piel Canela we want you to live the best purchasing experience, service and durability of the product, that is why we like to get to know you, know what type of product you are looking for, the function for which you are looking for it to serve you and receive you in the best way and find the ideal product for you or for the person you are going to give it to.


The Piel Canela experience begins when you contact us through the online store, through social networks and even in person in physical stores. When you contact us you will be assisted immediately and you will have totally personalized advice throughout your purchase and search process, because we want to give you the confidence and openness to ask all your questions that we always clarify, existence of products or even if you want to make any special quote or prototype/domie of a product.

If you want a personalized and tailored order, you can tell us so we can advise you at all times and choose the best option for you or someone else. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and service, which is why we have an excellent customer service team to be able to listen to your needs and we can offer you what you need to make any occasion special.

When you are assisted by a Piel Canela advisor, the item(s) you want will be followed up, you will be shown the product options we have or, if you want a new, personalized and made-to-measure design, we will show you the catalog of samples of skins, materials, colors, textures and some prototypes of ideas similar to what you are looking for.

If you require it, the design that you requested from the beginning can be made to be able to carry out the production of the leather art pieces in our own workshop. Once you have selected the product that will be, that item will be analyzed so that it has and meets all the necessary quality standards. We like to work on samples so that both parties are sure of how the design, quality and details of the product will look.

Environmentally conscious, we create recycling bags to protect your product. Inside the packaging you will be accompanied by some cards such as the one that includes the guarantee and care of the product and there is always the possibility of adding a card, where there will be a meaningful and beautiful phrase that you will want to keep forever. Our products leave you impressed with their design, practicality and quality, from the moment you buy it, until you use it and live with that piece of art, you realize that Piel Canela transmits emotions, feelings, memories and experiences.

Get to know our points of sale

Our Piel Canela points of sale are boutiques of luxury artisanal pieces, we combine the identity and essence of Piel Canela with Mexican culture, offering our clients, all tourists, buyers and corporations an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

Here you can find a wide variety of essential products, for the home, for offices, for business gifts , items for each person's personal life, such as passport holders , wallets, card holders, travel cases, organizing boxes , photo frames, albums, portfolios , document holders, envelopes, desk games, notebooks , identifiers, bags, board games, wine bags, purses, watch boxes, glasses cases, among many others.

You can personalize each item you want, and make it to measure, we adapt to your budget, needs and each idea that you want to capture and project in certain pieces of Piel Canela, we are the solution and the best choice for all your business gifts so that your company stands out and leaves its mark on everyone's heart.

We tailor those special gifts for corporates that seek to go beyond what is a promotional item, we create them for special accounts and people who are the ones that make the difference between one company and another.

Piel Canela invites you to be part of us, to live and enjoy this unforgettable experience, to leave a mark on the people who will be given that special gift.

You are very important to us, that is why we are constantly updating trends, materials, technology and techniques for the creation of artisanal items made by the hands and hearts of Mexican artisans, so that we always provide you with innovative and at the same time contemporary products, which always stand out. the quality and craftsmanship in each piece, because being a luxury Mexican brand, we guarantee pieces of art that undergo an extensive process and with great dedication and care to every detail so that the product reaches your hands in excellent conditions.

Visit our points of sale and online store to see our extensive catalog and purchase any of our products. If you require advice or request personalized orders, call (55) 5533 1030 and (55) 5533 1013, send us an email to marialanda@pielcanela.com.mx or fill out our form https://www.pielcanela.com.mx/pages /contact and we will contact you.

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