Alliances and achievements Piel Canela

We have had the satisfaction of adding value to clients such as: El Palacio de Hierro, Mastercard, IPADE, PVH, SONY, STREGIS, POSADAS, Televisa, TV Azteca, Manpower, EY, SAMSUNG, MetLife, GNP SEGUROS, SIEMENS, Telcel, APL, Mary Kay, Government, Embassies, among many others.

Just as we have served transnational corporations, we also export through our Piel Canela platform.

Our alliances have always been part of Piel Canela, that is why we share the Canela Experience, the tasting of the senses.

We have been published in:

  • Robb Report
  • Forbes
  • Executive woman
  • TV Effect Interview
  • Business Network Radio Interview
  • Millennium
  • High level
  • CEO
  • Air
  • Current
  • clear
  • Fernando
  • Walks
  • Expansion
  • Harvard Business Review Isthmus

We have participated in events such as: Luxury Lab., Golf, Polo, Vendimias, Catrina Fest, School of Beauty, IPade & Harvard, Diner in Blanc, Mundo Executive, México Vivo, etc. providing them with products for business gifts , such as notebooks , passport holders , organizing boxes , card holders, travel cases, desk sets, wallets, bags, board games, document holders, notebook covers, among many other products.

Our achievements Piel Canela

  • Support with Sponsorships to Foundations such as “Solo por Ayudar” and with the “México Vivo” foundation, “Global Wellness Summit”
  • FONART Award
  • Participation in the Mexican Design Book.
  • Participation with ProMéxico in the Mexico Pavilion at the New York Gift Fair
  • Participation in the Mexico Initiative, with the project of preserving the craft of leather goods
  • Distinction M, from the Ministry of Tourism and Economy
  • «30 Promises in Business in Mexico» (Forbes Mexico)
  • REFORM CLUB/Entrepreneurs
  • “Lover of Mexico” Award
  • Best project in the ISDI Master's Degree in Digital Transformation

Why give Piel Canela items as a gift?

Giving is something we all do at some point in life, behind every gift there is a deep feeling, emotion and nostalgia.

For us, gifts become a symbol, an action of affection, getting to know the person and leaving a mark on their heart. That is why we give gifts, so that they serve as a souvenir of some important event or person that you linked to us, with what they gave you, the moment you see or use a Piel Canela product again it will always remain and will relive that incredible memory.

The gift becomes a symbol of everything we feel for others, a display of affection and affection that reinforces the interpersonal ties that make us live in society with others.

When we give something as a gift, we broaden our horizon by putting ourselves in the other person's shoes, understanding their ideals, tastes and interests. This leads us to better understand the people around us and create a much stronger bond with them.

All the details of Piel Canela express feelings and emotions, each one projects a special moment in your life, like business gifts and personal gifts, they represent an important experience for you, which will always remain in your memories, because every time you use a Piel Canela product, you will live again and feel that moment in which they gave you that gift especially for you. All of our Mexican crafts are handmade by Mexican artisans who put all their heart and passion into making each product.

We are a brand with more than 20 years making luxury Mexican crafts , highlighting our country, Mexico, providing you with pieces of leather art, which you can personalize and make as you wish.

Visit our physical points of sale and online store to see our extensive catalog and purchase any of our products. If you require advice or request personalized orders, dial (55) 5533 1030 and (55) 5533 1013, send us a message to our WhatsApp (55) 3713 8794 or an email to marialanda@pielcanela. or fill out our form and we will contact you.

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