Passport Holder

Passport holders have become very famous and useful in recent years, as it is essential to protect your passport when you travel. The passport is the only government-issued document that allows all citizens to leave one country and enter another. It is super important when traveling, as it records all your income and expenses in the states and each country you travel and you need to protect it at all times.

Due to its great importance, passport holders were created, since you must take care of it wherever you go, have it with you at all times and of course have it in a place where it is protected from any type of damage.

Currently, most people already have a passport, many of them travel for work situations, others to visit family or friends, there are also people who do it for pleasure, because their dream is to see the world or it is simply part of their dreams. hobbies.

What are passport holders ?

They are innovative items that facilitate and protect your passport when moving to another country. There are various models, designs and sizes, such as individual and family ones, which can fit more passports and are perfect for when traveling as a family. Passports are kept in these and there are even those who keep the visa. There are families who ask for them all the same, or there are those who like to have a different design from their relatives to easily identify them during trips.

passport holder

Over the years, this product has become a luxury, and a plus for those who use it, as it even gives a better image and projection to those who protect their passport with this item, since it has been seen that it is in trend. .

Everyone needs it and if it is personalized with your name or initials, with the measurements and the design you want, it will become that object that you will never let go of, especially if you are a person who usually travels frequently, because having this product It will be much easier and faster for you to save and find it.

This item can be found in different materials, such as plastic, synthetic, leather and a hard material similar to cardboard; textures and designs.

Children, adolescents, adults and seniors need this product to accompany them on all their journeys, new experiences and to all places in another country, so that all their documents are safe and protected from theft, damage or simply any unforeseen event. This product will get you out of trouble, as it will help you optimize time and avoid any incident that arises suddenly.

Find the best passport holders with Cinnamon Leather

Piel Canela is a brand that has been in the market for more than 20 years, enhancing Mexican crafts and the luxury of leather, through the art of leather goods. We have specialized master craftsmen who have been in this leather goods profession all their lives, taking care of every detail of construction, strokes, patterns, colors, seams, among other things.

passport holder

The artisans make each piece with their own hands, they dedicate time, effort and a lot of love to each product. For this reason, at Piel Canela we say that everything handmade is made with the heart, because it is worked in such a meticulous way, taking care of even the smallest detail.

All finishes are fine, clean and perfect. We transmit luxury through artisanal products with a 100% Mexican brand, which is constantly training every day to always offer you the best service, the highest quality in materials and designs and the best experience that will accompany you in your life. With us you will find details that last, that will transcend generations.

One of our best-selling products and requested by all customers is the passport holder, which differs from the rest of the market because they are made with high quality materials, from leather, sustainable options to synthetics; and since all the work and preparation is handmade, the result of said product turns out to be beautiful, practical and functional. We also carry a notebook the size of the passport holder, this will work as a cover because you can store your passport holder and you will have your notebook right there, it becomes a multifunctional product. We have several collections such as Soy Mexicano with textures of the Mexican bill, imagine that you take with you architecture, traditions, feelings, cultures and Mexican essence in each product that we offer at Piel Canela, as we have a variety of collections, inspired by different Mexican motifs. .

We take care of every part of the product, from the interior to the exterior, we offer innovative and unique designs since everything is personalized to the needs of each client.

When you see and feel them you realize the high quality of this brand. We want this product to guide you and accompany you on all your trips, on every adventure and every discovery of new things, that you carry a luxury passport holder , fine and beautiful everywhere, protect your documents to make your trips easier and fast, because it will save you time, since they are super practical for locating your passport and you will always have it safe and well stored.

And not only that, but you will also have an innovative and Mexican design, you will feel proud to wear it; because, being an indispensable and luxury product, you will project that elegance and sophistication when using it, since it is a beautiful piece that elevates your image.

Piel Canela creates memories, transmits emotions, sensations, and accompanies you throughout your life, leaving a legacy in the families, businesses, and friends that each product passes through.

When you see the passport holder you will be excited because you know that it will always bring back memories of all the trips you have made, it will make you remember and feel again all those people you traveled with and all those people you met on your journey around the world. We invite you to get to know Piel Canela, to live this experience of luxury, artisanal products, and to have a great shopping and life experience when using the product, creating memories and connections.

Discover the best passport holder designs from Piel Canela

Piel Canela is a Mexican brand with more than 20 years of experience creating unique products in leather and other materials in our workshops. We are proud to know that each piece has been chosen, since it reflects good taste and that each one is part of a story since they transcend when you use them or give them as gifts.

Visit our online store to see our extensive catalog and purchase any of our products. If you require advice or request personalized orders, call (55) 5533 1030 and (55) 5533 1013 or fill out our form and we will contact you.