Mexican handcrafts

Piel Canela promotes and offers artisanal leather goods, that is, Mexican crafts made from leather, from animal skin to vegan leather and other materials. It seeks to raise the name of Mexico with 100% Mexican artisan products, made by Mexican hands and hearts that day after day create art in each piece, taking care of every detail so that the product has excellent quality and design.

Meet Piel Canela

Our vision is to project the best of Mexico and our mission is to rescue the art of leather goods. Piel Canela enhances the incredible experience that you get when purchasing a leather product, from the choice of material, the model, the texture of the skin to the colors that play in each piece to make a brilliant product on the inside and outside.

Why buy our products?

All our products are handmade, they are unique pieces. They commemorate luxury in leather crafts, since each one takes hours of work and production, and of course we have our own workshop in Mexico, where all the magic is created for the manufacture of each product. In addition to the hands of our artisans, we use specialized tools such as the pot, the knives to cut leather and reduce it, among other artisan work tools.

We seek innovation and quality in each design, and to achieve this we remain constantly trained in trends, materials, technology and always in search of new techniques for the creation of artisanal products made by the hands of Mexican artisans.

100% Mexican Brand

By purchasing a Piel Canela product you are supporting a 100% Mexican brand, which has been dedicated to the leather industry for more than 20 years, and not only that, but you are also supporting Mexican artisans, professional masters who have spent their entire lives dedicating themselves to what they love most, which is creating art on skin, carrying feelings, emotions and transmitting experiences through skin.

We are proud to be a brand that prioritizes and elevates crafts, making them known to everyone in the world, since this laborious handmade work goes beyond designing and making objects or products, because they transmit ancient techniques and cultures that have existed for centuries. .

Handicrafts in Mexico are generally made with natural materials, such as clay, wood, fabrics, animal skin and vegan skin, stones, leaves, seeds, flowers and some metals.

The best functional designs

In 2010, we were inspired by the best of Mexico, traditions, history, art, colors, textures and what is representative of each place, hence we are proud of each of our collections. In these collections we have had the challenge of interpreting them in leather, recording the color of our range with pink and yellow inspired by Barragán and the gold of Art Deco. We were excited to find the green and blue tones of the agave that represents us worldwide. Incorporating patent leather into the Tzompantli collection to reinterpret black, polished obsidian was to give shine to the collection. The white skin with the blue skin leads us to enjoy the Talavera of Puebla. Another artisanal technique that, thanks to the creativity of the Piel Canela team, we can use is black clay with its characteristic designs. And going back to the history of our ancestors, we were inspired by the pyramids to shape another collection. Another of the collections we made was banknotes, since they represent the empire of our Mexico, in this collection we were inspired by the engraving and texture of Mexican banknotes. These collections are pieces of art made by Mexican artisans, which can be worn on a daily basis while being very functional. The products we have are designed and inspired by different things. We have notebooks, passport holders, wallets, card holders, boxes, bags, backpacks, briefcases, document holders, suitcase identifiers, among many other products, since we have an infinite number of products designed especially for you.

For Piel Canela, crafts are part of our slogan, because for us it translates into the art of giving and the luxury of receiving, artisanal treasures that last.

At a global level, Mexican crafts have enormous value and recognition, because they are items that express the great cultural diversity of Mexico, of each region. Its trade is one of the most acclaimed and requested by society internationally, since this type of craftsmanship has traditional patterns and textures, which have always been appreciated and valued by all people, especially tourists.

They are crafts which use ancestral techniques, since since our ancestors the elaboration of each one always involves meticulous and detailed work, which is why they are valued as treasures and precious works.

Importance of crafts in Mexico

Mexican crafts are an essential and very significant part in Mexico and worldwide, as it is one of the countries with the greatest cultural variety, beauty and color, rich in cultures and traditions, which always leave a mark in the hearts of all people and all visitors coming from abroad.

The passion for art and the dedication that each artisan puts into it is what has made dynasties of families dedicate all their time and their lives in the making of crafts and typical pieces, which take hours to achieve a beautiful finish, because everything handmade It is made 100% by hand by expert people who have been dedicating themselves to this for years.

Mexican crafts are objects that become collections, legacies or treasures that are inherited by generations of families. They are made of different materials and their purpose is to be useful, decorative, among others that can be assigned to them. These are a mix of European, Asian and indigenous techniques.

Today they are exported all over the world, for this reason Mexico is a unique attraction for all tourists. The way the crafts are constructed, the use of bright colors typical of the country, come from pre-Hispanic times. Architecture is fundamental for the development of crafts, because those who dedicate themselves to art are inspired by pyramids, murals, temples, textiles, fabrics, religious objects, gods, fauna and flora.

What are crafts?

Crafts are objects created by artisans and made by hand, they use traditional methods, nothing industrial. Most of the teachers or artisans who dedicate themselves to this profession did not take classes or courses in craft making, they trained and learned through family members or acquaintances who have been dedicating their entire lives to creating crafts.

Mexican handcrafts

Generally, as it is a profession or work that is passed from generation to generation, the young children of the families are guided and filled with learning about how to do things, from painting, leather goods, handmade jewelry, ceramics to clay. .

All these crafts are considered artistic objects. Geometric designs and designs inspired by nature are the most predominant in crafts.

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For Mexico, Mexican crafts represent the identity and essence of the country, because they reflect cultures, colors, traditions, gastronomy, customs, dances, among others. These serve as inspiration in Mexican cinema and on national and international television.

Mexican handcrafts

Piel Canela is a Mexican brand with more than 20 years of experience creating unique products in leather and other materials in our workshops. We are proud to know that each piece has been chosen, since it reflects good taste and that each one is part of a story since they transcend when you use them or give them as gifts.

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